A boring post like so many before

This post is just like many of my other posts, same ride, same route, just a different day and a funny set of challenges to get on the road. But I hope you will enjoy sharing my day with me, it was brisk, even outright cold at times, but mostly decent weather and great riding conditions

We all have those days when you have decided ‘bugger it I am off for a ride’ and you make that call and you get ya gear on and ya walk out to the bike…to discover its dead! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Hooked up charger, battery expired light lit up instantly. Shit! First real cold morning of the year and the bikes battery has winged its way to battery heaven, to soak in hot acid pools for eternity…. or wherever good batteries go when they die.

Initiate plan; Charger Pack Run, jump in the cage and hit Supercheap for a jumper pack. Cunning plan… get it started and not stop till bike shop…. easy…right?

Home with the pre charged ready to go jumper pack, I get the bike running, sweet as, let it warm right up. Idles for ten minutes while I pack up tools, fit seat, crawl back into full winter kit, helmet, lock up…. Hop on bike, engage first she dies. NOOOOOO… (stand down fool!!!!!) the stand cut-off  ‘saved my life’ but pissed me off no end. Is there enough charge stored to start her yet..???? That most dreaded sound…. “Clickk..clickeddy click click…tttttkkkkkkkkk’ … nope! No guts.


Instant start technology.

Back inside, unlock shed, get charger pack…tools… take seat off, start bike. Reverse order of process, get on bike, kick stand UP…. Now… yay I am off.

To TSS Red Baron, grab a battery. Day not going to plan….. sigh.

Installing battery in car park, total stranger asks me ‘that’s not for sale is it?’ …my GSX he meant.

Now….. I am studying at the moment, between roles and looking at a new career but funds are very tight. I named a price he could get me interested… and we had a decent chat about the GSX, other bikes, real estate and IT.  It’s a funny old world and non-surprising to anyone that frequents motorcycle shops and showrooms I would guess.

So at last, I am on my way and rolling toward the ‘Rapa’ to blow some webs out. Yay! Had to remind myself to behave, saw lots of five-oh about as well to keep me in line… (almost anyway)

Hit Featherston after a boring hill run with loads of heavy traffic  obstacles, and stop for a break at one of my favourite spots with a  facebook a shot of the bike in the sun.  Stretch, scratch, adjust, and continue!

Peace Garden

Memorial Peace Garden


Stopping later for another photo op get a call from a good mate saying he’s  in Featherston  but I am now north of Masterton so give him directions and wait.



KTM Arrives

Yay a friend….







The rest of the day was boss, lunch at Tui HQ, a fun run through the Pahiatua Track with a madman in a 4×4 Ute on our tails the whole way, towing a trailer at speeds I will not admit to publicly but man he was a determined driver…..
Stopped for comfort break at the usual spot, mine and Kely’s old church and discussed our homeward route, agreeing to part ways after the Paekak Hill Road.

Bio Break

Bio break

I will say this about yesterday, I found out I truly LOVE my heated grips (oh yeah they were not working after the battery swap, investigation at rest stop one resolved the issue, missed connection at terminals)

Sorry for such a boring entry. But… I had a great day. How was yours?


Just another blog entry

Recently, I read a bit of a rant by an American Tourist who received a traffic ticket in New Zealand for speeding.

Arrogance and self promotion

She made a few comments that had me puzzled as to why this individual would:

  1. Think her version of civil rights as per her citizenship in the USA’ would have any standing in a foreign country, and;
  2. Call herself a ‘political commentator’ based on the fact she has a blog … that’s it… a blog!

One of her comments in the blogs comment section was ‘Not sure why this has not been picked up by more people, would have thought it would get more follows’. But a blog is hardly a column in the Washington post is it. To call herself a political commentator is tragically vain! Huffington post published her blog entry…maybe that’s a claim to being a journalist???


How arrogant to assume your rights in the USA follow you to our country

So point A

You are in another country, that country has a Police policy that anyone speeding, stopped after dark, stopped for things like running a stop light etc get breathalyzed as a standard practice. She was incensed and utterly rabid about there was no reason to breathalyze  her, she was only speeding, and had her kids in the car like she was going to drive drunk with her kids…. Made a big song and dance about how New Zealand is lacking any civil rights because of this action by a Police officer.

Well lady, welcome to OUR country. Our Police have the right to randomly stop anyone, anytime, and breathalyze them, just because…they CAN!

Gizza ride geezer!

Drive sober

She went on to say that she is refusing to pay the speeding fine as she is now home in the USA and its not like we will extradite her… arrogant cow. Stay there…we don’t want you back here again if that’s the ‘respect’ you have for our sovereign laws. If I got a ticket in the States I would have to pay it on the spot or go to jail as a foreigner, so she has abused our countries goodwill and bragged about it.

Point B (the real reason for this blog entry)

I have held official positions as the national spokesperson for a political lobbying group. I have been published on STUFF nation as both a contributor and just as a commentator. I have had my letter to the editor of a morning news show read out ion live TV and been in front of TV camera’s a few times over ACC vs Motorcycle Community issues… yet would I claim I am a political commentator? Never! The few people who do follow me would fall off their bikes laughing!!!!

So, where is the line between blogger and correspondent? When does the followers of a blog reach the point that the writer now should expect any sort of celebrity status?

Can anyone have a whinge online and expect to be called a columnist, political commentator, reporter, journalist, social media celebrity????? Like this fat whale who gets his information direct form the Prime Minister via back channels, then hides behind his blog like he is some sort of investigative journo, or that his opinion matters….

Finally he was shut up

Big mouth blogger

Recently a so called ‘social commentator’ who’s claim to fame is Mummy has a well-known fashion label, stuck her head above the parapet and got solidly nailed by the snipers of the internet, and well bloody deserved her serve was to. In relation to a family that tragically died from carbon monoxide Poisoning. The comment was related to Darwinism and in effect was both socially and racially profiling of the worst order. Then we have assholes like Cameron Slater, Whaleoil blog, I was very pleased to see Jesse Ryder knock him over in the charity boxing match. Someone finally shut his mouth in style!!!!
The stupid cow form the States is of the same order of ‘journalism’ IMO…. irrelevant self promoting, un-informed ignoramus with a high self opinion.

A friend of mine once had a poke at me when I made a joke about how many followers I could gain from one post I once made… boy did he put me in my place. I write my blog to express MY opinion and engage with anyone who wishes to discuss any point of view I wish to share. How many followers I have means nothing. I wont change my opinion or trash others just to get followers (unless its trashing Whaleoil! THAT is by design!!!)

So…Me… I am just a blogger with an opinion. One I like to share. I think that’s what I will try to stay 🙂