Onwards…who said upwards?

Oh well the Ducati’s gone. Off to a Ducati parts salvaging shop down south. I feel like I have been here before, but the course to reach the outcome was oh so different.

So…as a result I am putting up my first ever all picture blog (bar this intro text)
Not in chronological order in any way at all. this is my tribute to my ST4s.



South Island


Honey look what followed me home…can I keep it?




Wheelies wooohooo

Ready to rumble into Parliament


Squawk, Pollys a pretty boy

Off camping



Lake Ferry Hotel



It stays om tour

On the Brokeb

Paekak Hill


so sad



The end












Brotherhood run

Hill top… sigh



My girls first out of town camping ride!

Loaded and ready to roll. We have a convoy!


Kitchen to the left.

2016, random musings

Where has this year gone so quickly?

So, update on my world.

Ducati’s rooted, sent it to a workshop that was recommended to me, as I needed some work done on it ‘urgently’….67 days later got it back with more issues than it went in with! Suffice to say this is going to the disputes tribunal at the District Court and the bikes now in another workshop of someone I truly trust.

So I bought a new (second hand) bike, a 2007 GSX 1400 Special Edition with low miles and in great nick.  Awesome bike, a little point and shoot but I wont complain. (Emoticon BIG GRIN needed here) she pulls like a 14 year old at band camp.

two up

Our Suzuki two up

Been on a major charity ride, but missed the second one of the season due to a bank error stripping our wekeend’s budget…sad, had to stay at home and missed the fun with my brothers club  Wainui MC (sorry bro) so will have to ensure we show up on Vinyl Night if I get home in time from the track day at Manfeild.

facing some decisions regarding career direction, wont bore anyone with these, but decisions, decisions, decisions… have got these wrong before, need to tread carefully this time.

leading out the crowd

Leading out the crowd

So yeah 2016’s disappearing fast. track day next weekend, first time in years, keen to see what the BIG BUS can do, I know I have the back straight sussed, but can I get a knee down? Last time I had a knee down was to give Kelly a sparkly ring…. 😉

Onward, upwards and ever positive, 2016, you are MY year and we are going to make it a great one.




Taken For A Ride Again (Project Chapter 2)

That’s the name we have ended up at for the title of our documentary.

You were

Our old battle cry

Here are a few wee clips from our trailer.

Shaun Teaser



Not to mention…..



This is happening, hopefully all NZ Bikers get behind us and make an effort with a few gold coin level donations to our givealittle.

The details on that will be published on our FB and Webpages, it is going live as soon as the verification process is done.

Thanks for reading and clicking the links.


9000 views and counting

Our Fathers Flags

Been a lot of talk about flags lately.  Not just in good ol’ Aotearoa but the States as well, with attempts (some successful and some not) to ban the Confederate Flag as a symbol of hate and racism as it was the symbol of the ‘slave states’ (not true at all it was the Battle Colours of the Southern regiments, and Battle Colours are NOT a nations flag but a Unit Pride symbol)

Brothers in arms

Truly a symbol of commitment NOT hate

Lovely post here on Facebook from a Southern Biker, a guy who other than living in the South of the USA is, like me, a biker who has a beard, loves to ride…and has a heart.  When he himself felt under the gaze of racial profiling he stepped up to show ‘hey, I aint what I appear to be in your historically tainted point of view guys’

Travis’s Tale

So, lets consider why the uproar to ban public displays of the Confederate flag are flavour of the month on the other side of the Pacific.


Many claim its the connection to the fight to retain slavery as an institution….technically that argument is invalid. The Confederate States had a variation of the Stars and Stripes as a Flag of State. The Confederate Battle Flag was exactly that, a BATTLE FLAG.  It was designed so the southern troops could distinguish their own lines in the smoky hell of the battle fields of the 1860’s as the Unions flag and their own were….. yes, the same! Civil war…who’da thunk it?????

The Confederate Battle Flag in itself is no more a symbol of hate and oppression than the Olympic flag when analysed at the root level of its reason for existence.  It was a symbol to state ‘our troops gather here, march here…kill here….die here’….. It was a Battle Flag, a battlefield location device in pre radio days and nothing more.  Those who had relatives die under that flag have every right to defend its existence and display it to say ‘hey, right or wrong we bled, fought, cried, lived, and died under this symbol’ just as any other units regimental standard or symbol would be cherished.  Its a coat of arms.

So now we have the New Zealand Flag Debate (debacle more accurately….)

heritage or hate

1/4 of this Flag is a racists symbol of oppression and hate

I have for years, and years, since long before John Key uttered a word about it wanted a new flag for New Zealand. The Union Jack, like it or not, has more reason to be hated and banned from public display than almost any other on the planet.  It was the English alongside Portuguese, Spanish, and the Dutch who created international slave trading as it was known in the 17-1800’s, FACT!  No need for me to print references, you all have google so go check my facts and you will find I am not bullshitting you.  Just like they (English) invented the Concentration Camps in South Africa long before Hitler was born. To the victor the spoils!

So we have, as all Historians know, a situation where the victor re-writes history to his own song.

The Union Jack on a New Zealand flag to me is a buy in to the false and twisted history of the myth of ‘England’s Imperial  good intentions to bring freedom and order to the world through its Empire’…. and that’s a bullshit line in and of itself.

It was pure greed behind that flag, from the privateers of Queen Elizabeth (the Spanish Armada was a result of England’s being the worlds largest pirate fleet ever seen) not some benevolent drive to free the world…after all they were the largest supplier of slaves to the Continental Unites States over 200+ years! Yet no ones burning the Jack are they?  (And nor should they, I am not trying to be an England hater, honest!  Just pointing out that you cant have it both ways)

Our flag, the State Flag of New Zealand, many claim can’t be changed because our men fought and died for it… well no…

They fought and died for the solders beside them in the trenches, foxholes and minefields around the world.  It was the flag they fought under which cannot be trivialized and I am not trying to.  I am attempting to point out its not a sole reason to not change with the coming future of our land and its people.

And the old flag can’t just be forgotten, hell no, never!  But the emotional knee jerk reasons for NOT changing it should be reconsidered without the emotion of ‘it was our flag’… but more ‘what does this flag represent?’  Not modern NZ in my opinion. The Union Jack represents the many poor decisions like sending our innocent youth of the early 20th century to invade and kill the sons of the fading Ottoman Empire (also a corrupt and evil entity of itself but why were we invading another country we had no direct quarrel with?  An invasion impossible to achieve? The bloody poms is why).

I am in complete agreement with those  socially aligned with fiscal irresponsibility of this referendum…. there is no need to waste so much money of referendums in these times of need…the cost of these arguments and processes is ridiculous. 26 million…pathetic. And the ‘smokescreen for TPPA’ …valid argument but only if we let it be. (Thank (insert personal deity) that has failed at the 9th hour….)

But I ask you, how many people in MY country applauded the banning of the Confederate flag because ‘it represents racism’ and then go on to cry foul at the suggestion we change our own? Without seeking specific posts I recall a few of my social media connections applauding the ban of the Rebel flag…. yet bemoaning the mere suggestion ‘NZ change its dear, treasured historic flag that is oh so relevant to us’….. hypocrisy or mere lack of historical knowledge?  Any flag with the Jack on it has ties to hundreds of years of murder, rape, enslavement and theft on a grand scale impossible to measure. That my friends is a FACT!!  The jolly old England of post WW2 is as alien to the pre-1939 Empire as modern South Africa is to its Apartheid past.

lest we forget the past

How easy to forget the sordid past

While it may be true that the Union Jack in the 21st century may not represent those factors currently, in relation to its history and colonial past, it sadly is a fact.  So by association you cannot tar one battle standard as a hate flag yet ignore the past of another National Flag of State and its history and look me in the eye.

FAR more racism, hate, torture, murder, evil, and atrocious treatment of tribal people worldwide happened under the Union Jack than ever occurred under the Confederate Battle Standard.  A simple truth you may not like to hear, but I am never shy of telling you a truth you may not like.

Consider this when I post on Bookface that I support a new flag.

I am not turning my back on my history, or the two grandfathers who fought under the current flag, the great uncle who died in the same conflict, the years my Grandpa spent in a German Stalag…. its still very relevant, absolutely!  But so is the Confederate Flag… and if your going to celebrate banning THAT flag, then bloody well be prepared to change OURS!


PS I like this one myself.

My favourite

This ones sexy!

An observation of political incompetency.

I am gobsmacked at a recent story on news site STUFF NZ.


Apparently the opposition’s team of young up and comers (on the left side of the coin) want the government to be willing to pay for gender re-assignments.  I can only think the recent story of a child aged 9 who has identified herself as a male trapped in a female body (poor kid) could have inspired such a bold move as to enter a ballot to the party to have this voted on as a potential policy for the campaign trail…..  and so it seems such a proposition was put forward by ‘Young Labour’ the party’s youth arm.

Mr Pitt

William Pitt The Younger

I see the intention…. and while it is somewhat admirable and humanitarian in the intent and spirit of the proposition… it is my opinion this will only force the gulf between what used to be the left voter and the middle class to open up even further.  What the hell are they thinking letting shoddy press sites like STUFF get a whiff of this sort of dribble?   Or is it a clever sneak attack by the Right?  That would make more sense.  This policy will be highly unpopular with the general public in a user pays their own way society.

I completely support a partially or even fully funded ‘gender issues’  clinic that encapsulates the core public services from the health sector that these individuals utilize the most, (counselling, subsidized hormone support, emotional support groups you name it throw it in there!)  BUT!  And a big BUT it is….I draw the line at paying the 50-60,000 NZ$ to change an individual’s gender whatever the driving factor for that individual is. I commented on the STUFf story and those supporting such a practice suggested I was ‘condemning people to death’ (a dramatic reference to suicide bought on by hopelessness I assume, no one ever died from being male or Female in the scientific context of gender)

I am not ignorant of the hard road these people face. As an individual I am sympathetic in fact, but as it affects such a small number of the population I do not see it as valid public spending.  Nor do I see the ‘choice’ to change your gender, whatever circumstances behind the drive to do so, as a valid public health issue.  It is a personal issue and therefore as such, is an elective surgery issue, whatever social, mental, or spiritual drive for each individual may be.


Stereotypes that do not help

So, Tory sabotage or just a stupid, nutty leak from within?  Both?

Did Labour learn nothing from the party vote swing last election?  They claim to return to core values, by appointing a union man to the top job, and wooing the working class (you have to remember todays ‘working class’ is not the working class of yore).  Yet here is a policy proposition I would have expected from the most rabid Green Hippie Vegans who worship Gaia under full moons in autumn fields.  Even then I mean Hippies that have no concept whatsoever of what the other 90% of New Zealanders would like to see happen with their tax money.  But hey I love my hippie friends…. I just don’t approve of spending BIG tax money on an issue for such a small number of affected persons.  That’s the same logic we are given for the massive ACC hikes we motorcyclists have had to live with after all.  Fairs fair for all minorities I say!

On Facebook, and the Twittersphere, many commentators are crying ‘smokescreen!!! They’re hiding something else…. just like Child Poverty, The Flag and don’t forget TPPA is coming…’ etc, etc…

But what gets me is while we DO have these very serious issues to address, the income gap, child poverty, hunger in lower decile schools, a growing homeless population (something we are seeing on the streets of the Capital daily) and the Labour party let slip something as potentially self-destructive as this?  Or did they?  Is it a Toryist conspiracy to discredit?  Are they that insane?  Whichever ‘They’ you might believe are behind this idea hitting the media, it’s a desperate measure considering either intention.  More dirty politics?  Is this for real?

Time to take my idea of the Freedom party to the next level and start looking for my 500 registered voting age members I think.  Time someone stood up for the middle man, the working class tax payer, and forced some sanity upon the benches of the House.

So is it a Political Observation?  Or a call to action?  You choose.

Watch this space!