Taken For A Ride Again (Project Chapter 2)

That’s the name we have ended up at for the title of our documentary.

You were

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A very sad state of affairs

I have blogged a number of times on why it’s safer to lane split on Motorcycles. On the weekend someone shared this really awesome article on lanesplitting, so I want to embed it into this post. And I have. Its semi relevant to the rest of this post, but just such a great article I had to share.
Lanesplit studies
Onto my true reason for today’s post.

Simon, and the faulty stop sign. I say a faulty stop sign, because its obviously NOT WORKING!!!! In my job in IT if something fails to do what its designed and intended to do it is faulty. As is this stop sign…why? because, no one stops!

No one stops

Why for you no stop

The main post I make today, is about my disappointment in the treatment my friend Simon has received from motorists, the universe, the law, and the system.

Simon is a motorcyclist, he rides every day, all weather, Upper Hutt to Tawa.
On his homeward journey there is a stop sign that regardless what route he takes, he has to pass through. It’s the only way in/out of the Grenada North subdivision, and is adjacent to/part of a Motorway exit ramp.

Earth view.

This is the intersection. Looks good from here but no one stops when turning left

Now whatever route Simon takes, he passes through this stop sign, a compulsory stop. Twice, in 5 months, he has been hit from behind by cagers that treat this stop sign with utter contempt. They just look to the right to see what’s decelerating off the motorway, and if its clear put the foot down…sadly twice in 5 months, directly into poor Simon, on his motorcycle, legally stopped at the yellow line.

Landed here

Not good

When he asked the Police to do something about this intersection, after videoing the intersection for an hour and finding about 40% of cars just do NOT STOP there, he was told; maybe you should look at not operating such a dangerous vehicle yourself’

WTF!!!!! He gets smashed from behind twice by cars, identifies there is a serious issue at this intersection with road behaviour, clear signage and poor visibility issues, and he is blamed because he rides a motorcycle. Legally.

One hour of Takapau Road Stop Sign

Now…… this is where I would be asking MSAC, our so called official safety council with ACC to step in. I would be getting them to abuse pseudo official connections at NZTA and have this intersection investigated with urgency. They had a massive project on about visibility issues at intersections, surely they would have some wisdom to impart on this…other than ‘don’t ride a motorcycle’. Surely this is exactly the very type of issue we have paid in 10M$ plus for them to expose, support, rectify???

Sad that groups like BRONZ need to gather the evidence for the enforcement agencies, and even sadder that those agencies suggest the resolution is to not ride motorcycles….

I am not one to believe enforcement is the most appropriate method to correct poor driving practices, but at this intersection, a stop sign camera of some sort MAY work as a deterrent, or at least it could gather enough revenue to re-engineer this dangerous situation to be safer for vulnerable road users, pedestrians and most of all…my mate Simon. I really like Simon…would be sad if some asshole finally does him in at this faulty stop sign.