A ride report, our new bike Valerie.

So our VFR. First time over the hill. Ride report and a ‘hmmmmm’ session ūüėČ

OH – EM- GEE. !!!!! *^%$#*! I popped over the hill to see a mate and get used to the bike a bit.

Smoooooooth. Strong. Nimble. Positive. Safe. POWERFUL. More…much more. Did I mention smooth?

I am so happy Kelly decided she liked the VFR the most of all those bikes in the shop.
She liked the seat position. She liked it as it was at the test ride. Even with the hard custom seat.  She likes the big top box, its there to catch her if I get impulsive and start doing wheelies (it has happened before!)

Since the test ride (where I identified a issue with a rear shock absorber control) the shop has done a lot to her to make her right for us. They serviced the rear shock, replaced rear wheel bearings, replaced rear¬†brake pads, serviced steering head bearings, serviced the engine and then, when they couldn’t adjust the slack on the top box lid? They got us¬†a new replacement one. THAT’S service folks.

Today I got to know Valeries traits a bit better.
I worked the throttle a bit today, I got to know response times in different gears, the way she accelerated, stopped, how she felt in corners, how she responded in her cornering mannerisms… I did a few test stops, and a few other maneuvers to check how she handles different actions.

I played with the suspension a bit, tried a few different settings on the base hydraulic pre-load at rear and think I need to tamper off rebound a pinch on the front as well as pre-load down a notch. Hard as rear –¬†very stiff now she’s serviced ¬†so I¬†softened the hydraulic pre-load a 1/4 turn….perfect.

Questions I had to ask her?
How low could I go and expect a smooth come back in say 2nd, 3rd even 4th? Answered
How well dd she roll up to 100 from 50 in 5th gear? Answered
Could I sit on 100 kmh in 6th without low straining the motor? Answered
Hows the ABS feel? Answered
Does she do tightening corners, and whats it feel like to pull her in hard? Answered
Overtaking – (LOL!!!! is that what its called?) Answered

Finish the bike
I cant wait for my carbon pipe to arrive…. it will sound yum! Adds a hp or 2 they claim and will make her loud enough to hear coming.
And, the replacement top box.
I am also considering painting the front side panels of the fairing mat black….

Finish the luggage kit
I am comparing OEM Honda Panniers with other after market options.
Throw over/under saddle bags, sport type expandable (benefit can keep one side thinner by not expanding for getting on/off)
Givi v35’s – ¬†which match my top box as part of a set(coincidence) and which hold more luggage by about 12 liters all up. They’re also cheaper. Downside is that mount frames they come with place them in a spot Kelly will dislike for climbing on. Much where the ST4’s were (and she HATED them fitted.)
OEM ones hang lower, sit further back on mounts that are already built into the bike. No brainer for me, though more expensive the better option for my pillion. Whats 12 liters less with a 65 liter top box. OEM wins IMO but at 1200$ landed…. might lose yet.

Final thought
So Valerie is a real sweety. Strong, fast, comfortable, did I say fast????

We will be out on her tomorrow, doing some miles.
Maybe we’ll see you out there somewhere.

StoneY and Kelly


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