Brokebacking Kiwi Styles

Warning – if easily offended stop reading now, images intended for those with a sense of HUMOUR!
Well it’s been too long between blog entries so I figured I may as well share an upcoming adventure.

About 3 years ago my friend Chris wanted to celebrate the return of his license by going camping, boys only Italian bikes, find a paddock and burn some marshmallows. Well in the end 6 of us went and 4 were on Jap bikes and we rented tent space at a camp ground in the Hawkes Bay.


Anyway, long story short, 3 years later Brokeback 2017 is nigh. And 18 of us travelling, with about 3 more meeting us there by current count. Gotten so big the groups split into two ride groups spread over two days!

Originally the concept was tents, bedrolls, boys only (hence the title Brokeback after Matt pulled up said ‘this looks a bit Brokeback!’) and a shitload of off centre gay humour all weekend long.


BB16 doubled in size. BB17 has tripled compared to BB15. Clifton Camp Grounds in Hawkes Bay is our Saturday destination, every year we mix up the route there. This year the Friday group are going via Whangamomona on the Forgotten World Highway. We will overnight at the historic hotel there and meet Saturdays convoy at Taihape to go into Napier over the Gentle Annie. By the time we get to Clifton we will have ridden no less than 9 mountain saddles one historic tunnel and done about 900kms.


We then pitch tents, go on a supplies run, build a safe fire pit on the edge of the ocean and act like drunken hooligans for a night. Not too hooligan though (for which a drunken member of an exclusive church group should be eternally thankful for after claiming he could ‘take you all’ last year…Dutch courage or just outright stupidity or both we let the guy believe what he wanted to believe and partied on!)


This year due to our blowout of numbers we won’t over run the local takeaway and are going to use the campgrounds BBQ. Moose will carry in our supplies with his trailer on his Goldwing, and shenanigans will commence! Bit concerned we may not be allowed a fire this year due to drought conditions… I hope it’s not the case.


A few pics of the last BB runs should indicate the nature of this weekend coming but one things for sure. Each year we make new friends, each year we change the route up and create new memories…. And each year we get crazier and crazier with the off colour humour.



I will post up a picture blog after the ride, in the meantime……let the Brokeback commence.



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