Why Taken for a Ride Again?

Why are we doing this documentary? Why are we asking you to help pay for it? Well read on and I will tell you why.

Softening up:

ACC are suggesting to the NZ Public that we Bikers, are, effectively bludgers getting a free ride. For my non Anzac audience a ‘bludger’ is a sponge, a moocher, a freeloader…. You get the drift.

ACC have initiated a campaign proactively smearing us as citizens, playing the numbers and stats game to make us look bad and get public opinion onside to hit us a MASSIVE levy increase in the future.

Easy Targets
Proof we are a unique consideration to ACC’s strategic plans

This disinformation is a clever tool, they are only telling the truth, but in a selective and accusatory manner.

They have released information showing that if we paid for our own costs, across every biker, we would have to pay 2,114$ for big bikes. They have never targeted any other ‘customer’ group so directly, ever! Not even when they stripped support for victims of sexual abuse or sexual crimes did they so specifically release any specific figure per head as a weapon. That they have done this must be regarded with the utmost suspicion as to motive

In 2009 we all rode on a massive national ride to stop this level of increase the last time it came up. We were being threatened with 500$-800$ hikes, because we cost so much. Even then they never stated a figure. Our protest by about 9-10,000 of us had a massive effect. A double edged sword. We got a lower hike, but we also have been seen as ‘blown their wad’. Its perceived we will never repeat such an effort, and the end of this Governments uncontrolled greed is coming to an end. So they are ready to take the last pint of blood.

I explain now why they feel its time they can do this.

They have pushed the very limits on their credibility as a Government. The last jewel in the crown to sell before they are pushed is ACC. They want to sell it as a running insurance agency. A very profitable one…which it is, and should not be by its design.

This year EVERY road user except Motorcyclists got a substantial discount because the fund was now over funded. If this is true, all contributors deserve a fair price cut. Us as well.

ACC works on the basis of all users supporting and cross subsidizing each other. Be it from PAYE account contributions, fuel levy, workplace levy’s…they have been overcharging for years and giving back massive dividends to the Government. To lay financial blame on us is inconsistent with the constitution of ACC. It is not supposed to be a profit driven company, but a fiscally stable socialist support tool. FACT!


To have singled out one set of a group of contributors (road fund) is despicable. Whatever the costs per head are there are many other examples of high cost customers, that pay no specific contribution to their massive annual claims. 28 Million and change for cyclists. 91+ for Rugby (both codes) As best I can research none of these activities have any structured levy contribution specific to their costs, or risks. And I will say nor should they, to be fair, I am not writing as a hater of our sporting and cycling Kiwi’s. I am making a comparison to prove a point.

free riders
Not hating honest just comparing

But…wait screams the cycling lobby…. we pay ACC on our cars… wait says the rugby clubs, we pay on our PAYE….. so my friends, do us Bikers, and far more than any of you do.

I pay ACC on my earnings, on my car, on both our bikes. It’s a poor and inequitable model, and it’s exacerbated by the fact we are being targeted specifically for another hike judging by the language related to the motorcycle levy’s.  We pay, and pay, and now they soften us up with a tiny small discount of less than 10$, but mark my words a BIG ones coming in this Governments last year in office.

Good ole rugger
Rugby claims

Don’t start me on how much gear I have or never having had a brass cent in claims for any motorcycle incident ever…..
Stats Tool go have a play

We met the challenge Nick Smith placed on us back in 2011.Letting the government engineer another massive hike of our levy’s when we have met the goals set by the previous minister Nick Smith, would be criminally apathetic.

TV3 recorded Nicks promise here

Story here from 2011

And how to help:

The only tool we have to fight back with at this time, is this documentary. Please get onside. Help us find partners in the MC affected industry arms, small businesses needing some publicity, but most of all… hit the givealittle and tell every biker you know to do so as well.


PS: This is my last blog on this one topic until the production is compete.
Below here I have a few links to relevant resources.

Our Facebook
The Givealittle
The Website

Enemy Territory


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