The new project

Ever accidentally discovered you are good at something?

For me it was project management.  Not in the IT Project management side of the coin (although I am good in my roles I play in those at work) but just outright bare bones management of a big project involving lots of people.

Well I discovered I am quite gifted in this area back on 09.  Now the next project starts.

Checklist so far:

  • Ask the two or 3 main groups of contributors are they keen?  Yes. CHECK
  • Find SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and a Production Expert. CHECK
  • Plan financial resourcing. CHECK
  • Poll financial pool via social media ‘will this fly?’ ‘Yes’ CHECK
  • Get project name sorted (Facebook post, name selected from comments). CHECK
  • Arrange webs resources. CHECK
  • Get web builder for just reputation reference and passion for the cause. CHECK
  • Arrange short film clip with important talking heads and historic clips as a trailer. CHECK
  • Get the kickstarter scheme under way. IN PROGRESS
  • SPAM social media with this project and gain groundswell of support for fundraising IN PROGRESS

I must say…. I am getting pretty good t this mass public project gig….

Watch this space and the Facebook page for updates on ‘Taken for a Ride’ the story of ACC vs NZ BIkers.

Coming to you as soon as we have made it, will be a short trailer. This will be a taste of whats to come, and proof we will not waste your money you are going to happily donate to our cause.

So yeah, watch this space or the Facebook page and remember…pretty soon I will have the kickstarter in place and I want your small donation for the cause, especially if you are a New Zealand biker, scooter rider, motorcycle commuter, racer, friend of any of the aforementioned, family, casual acquaintance, lover, GF/BF …dog…cat….name it.

We…have a story to tell.


BIKOI crowd

2 Replies to “The new project”

  1. Another good cause backed by some bloody awesome people with a passion for a lifestyle and the desire to equality passed to all who enjoy the same freedom that only a powered 2-wheeler can provide. On Ya Mate!

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