Life in the Lane Split Chapter 3

So sadly, this morning I witnessed a rider wiped out in the lane split.


Having given my report to the Police, and his insurer, sadly he gets a ticket for unsafe passing.

Hope the cagers are awake
Its just safer

I repeat the link to the reason Lane Splitting is safer than sitting in the lane with slow traffic, not to mention its reduction of congestion.

‘Safer here’

The rather shaken young lady that got out of the car (with smart phone in hand…one must wonder if it was before the collision as well) was very shaken, and at first seemed to be worried it was her fault.  IMO it was.
Now in NZ it is not yet legal to lane split, but there is a campaign and a online petition to the Minister of Transport to legalise the practice but since the survey closed I have lost the URL.

As in earlier blogs it has been legalized in Australia, is allowable under certain speeds in los Angeles, has always been legal on UK motorways (I think there is a speed limit to the practice though) and it really sucks that a rider who was being cautious and was not speeding, not swerving manically, just slow and steady at 50kmh on the ‘ghost lane’ is blamed for a bad lane change by a cager.

One blink of her indicator and she was off, right to left  and very sudden the manouver was indeed….to get in the gap and gain 2 car spaces….. into a lane that ultimately was moving slower than the one she was in!

Rider was ok, bike was bent, everyone shaken up, and justice served poorly (against the Police Officers better judgement but the letter of the law sadly).

Safe in the centre
Its nice and safe here, honest!

I was thanked for my honesty, and sadly had to acknowledge we were lane splitting. Slowly and with care still does not cut it in NZ.  As yet no ticket for the bad lane change, law states 3 seconds of indication, and a clear path to change lanes, both conditions were not met by the driver but as yet…no repercussion to any but the rider of the massive big Boulevard (no small bike had the driver actually had her eyes open it would be impossible to not see it)

Even on Facebook!

Peace, and safe splitting.



2 Replies to “Life in the Lane Split Chapter 3”

  1. nice and concise mate.. funny how the driver has not, as yet, been ticketed for an unsafe merge? seems pretty unfair all things considered..

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