Cheese and Icebergs

I once read two books that my Manager told me to read. At the time I had a lot going on in my life and was failing to deliver at work… it happens to all of us I guess and I had been particularly reactive to crap happening outside work.

The books were ‘Who Moved MY Cheese!’ and ‘Help…our Icebergs Melting’.  Cheese was about outside influence on your life, and figuring out what was beyond your personal control, and what was a result of your own decisions but you felt the need to blame someone else, for moving your cheese.  Iceberg was the tale of a Penguin colony whose iceberg was slowly melting and the decision as a community to move to a new one or stay on this one till no ice was left.

My cheese is gone!
Who moved it? I did!

Two recent news stories have made me ponder both books on the grand scale of our general society.

First was the story of a Dairy Farmer doing it real hard at the moment due to the reduction of the pay-out for milk by Fonterra, a giant collective that the Framers all have ownership of (or so they think).  He had borrowed over a million dollars to ‘buy extra shares in Fonterra’ as had many others.  Now the pay-out was going to be less than what the interest on the loan he took to exploit the last few years of heady heights in milk export returns…an issue that also drove local produce prices through the roof for the consumers in NZ.  My heart bleeds…not! Sorry buddy no one moved your cheese but you.  Take a look on the bottom shelf behind last Fridays Pizza.  It’s right there where you placed it after drinking that bottle of champagne in joyous glee over how well you had played the rest of our society to make your wallet fat.  And don’t start me on the effect your over-farming is having on our lakes and rivers….

Second, the Iceberg, is a mother calling for a national campaign to remove all rope swings from the trees in our parks, bush and domains.  Sadly her child had a 10m fall when a rope snapped.  Serious injury abounded but the kid will recover.  I am sympathetic, never nice to have you child hurt.  But come on, it’s not an iceberg situation, it’s a kid being a kid and taking this approach you may as well wrap the whole of our societies kids in cotton wool and sit them in front of the TV with a large bowl of buttered popcorn. Because her child had a bad fall we should collectively never let any other kid experience the thrill of the gaping abyss yawning below their bare feet?  Or the long plunge into the waterhole?  Or the thrill of hooning down a steep hill on a piece of cardboard?

Gathering of the Pengu Council
Penguin politic

It’s long past time for our society to start making people take care of their own cheese.  And quit screaming the Icebergs Melting when it was merely a unfortunate event the rope snapped, it was no one else’s fault (ropes get old).

Nuff said.


6 Replies to “Cheese and Icebergs”

  1. I admit I don’t understand the specific requirements of your job, but if I ever had a boss who ordered me to read things in order to adjust my attitude, I would have handed in my notice that day. No company or boss should be able to tell you what to read. That’s strictly for schools in my opinion. It sounds to me like a place that seeks to control the behavior of its employees too much.

    You made the books sound interesting though.

    1. Hi Mikey.
      It was a suggestiin from her as a mentor and friend.
      Wasnt an ultimatum… I had gone to her for help and advice.
      Hope that makes more sense?
      Julie was one of the best bosses I ever had 🙂

  2. I hear ya brother. Society in general needs to get off this bullshit “PC” ride and start being Kiwis again. Growing up all over NZ in the 70’s and 80’s, we did all those things. Rope swings, swimming in the rivers, making forts in the bush, sliding down hills on cardboard etc. The list is extensive and could probably be a small novel of its own. The point is it made us who we are today. People that know how to calculate a risk, make decisions and most importantly to OWN those choices. I feel sorry for the generations since, as the new rule of society “insert lame reason here / person you dont like” and hey presto that person or thing is at fault. Stop being so fucking PC you Muppets! You’re Kiwis; so be Kiwis.

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