The Aging Gamer

Hadn’t blogged on gaming in a while so thought I would share a middle aged Bogan’s gaming reflections post just for kicks and giggles.

Old Bogans
At a recent 50th, Bogan theme.

So as we age the argument over PC vs Console becomes less relevant.  By age 3(X) we have settled on our platform and unless a major world changing technology breaks through, there we stay.  I am a PC gamer, as has become my darling beloved other half.   Yes, Kelly got the bug, figured it was better to join me than stay annoyed at time spent ‘elsewhere’.  Having said I am a PC gamer, assassins creed is so much better on XBOX360… dual thumb swivels are just better for some game styles….but not shooters, or MMORPGs (which is where I hang out with my girl)


MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplayig Game (a freaking mouthful, even the acronyms huge!)

GW2 has awesome scenery graphics
Aint love grand



Mass groups to fight  World Bosses - Zerg!
Me n ma pooch gettin on the Zerg
Zergin for our lives!!!!
Battle Stations its a WORLD BOSS!


Dog got wounded so Porky came out for the end game
Chest of Loot

I have had GW2 far longer than my dearest has, but she has racked up 3,500 more world points and left me waaaaay behind!  I still enjoy GW1 as a side distraction, especially when carnivals are on.  But GW2, playing it in party mode with my girl, really is the dogs bollocks of MMORPG gaming.  The world is huge, with mega content and ongoing world story development.  Free to play once you have purchased, and loads of options to take in regards storyline, or world vs world, player vs player.
GW2 took a long time to grow on me, in many ways it has less to offer than GW1 and in many others it has so much more.  The fact more than 8 people can cooperate in ‘Zergs’ now is grand, in GW1 it was max of 8 humans in an area.  I have been in thousand player zergs and the games still smooth enough to play so that’s a massive improvement.  Screenhots here are of a world event Boss being taken out, the Megadestroyer.  About a 80 man/woman Zerg, any less it would have been a long fight!

GW2 revison 3 = score of 8 out of 10.
GW1 will always have a 10 out of 10 for me, merely out of fond memeories and lasting real world friendships I made.

Opening a can of whipass. Say bye bye boys… its gonna light up round here any second.



Driving and grenade launching
Blowing up the bad guys
Shame to kill this guy but....he's gotta go
Gorgeous landscapes


Man have I been playing some Far Cry recently.  Played 3 and now 4, I have played the Far Cry franchise from the start way back when FC1 was unbeatable even on easy mode, the last boss was just so damn hard!  Ammo was always short, and the mercs or monsters heard you rustle a bush from 40 meters away and flanked you in seconds.  The AI in 2,3 &4 is quite predictable, making one fight seem like the last on a different spot.  Still, FC3 full points for the most immerse and ingenious story line ever given to a shooter (FPS – First Person Shooter to you non gamers).  FC4 added some neat toys, but was rather disjointed in its campaign story, with underwhelming outcomes or rewards for achievements.

FC2 I give a 6 out of 10, FC3 a 9 out of 10 & FC4 I have to say….7.

Also played some BF3, BF4, Hardline BETA (FUN!) and Call of Juares a western FPS.  All fun but the Western one stood out for fun factor, and the one on one duels, what a wicked test of reflexes!  Of the BETA of Hardline…bring on the release….but I wont buy till it has dropped in price…as always heheheh.

Till then I think the games I have will keep me and the missus busy for now.



2 Replies to “The Aging Gamer”

  1. I’ve been cranking destiny recently. FPS with mmo style raid content. Bit repetitive but the pvp is where I mostly game when not leveling gear. Sorry but it’ll always be consoles for me. It’s where it’ll started and I have the same reasons as you, it’s where I have friendships both in game and irl

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