Hands off our Dolphins Chevron

So a jumped up little upstart puppet of the oil companies that pretends to be minister of energy in my country, has signed off rights to Chevron to explore our shores, and our forests, for oil.

This is corruption at its worst.

Sign the petition to send the idiot a massive postcard expressing your disaproval.

Two thirds of our country have stated they do not want oil exploration in our deep water coastal areas or our national parks, yet the Minister for Energy has signed off the rights to do so to none other than Chevron, who currently face charges for lack of safety and oversight in South America where they have caused massive environmental damage.

The prick says “We don’t accept cowboys in New Zealand. We have incredibly high standards that I have personally lifted. [Chevron] has had to go through a rigorous process to satisfy us that they are good enough to be here”
What the hell does HE know about drilling in the ocean?????

I know MY friends will sign.
Even the most right wing ones I know would not support the potential destruction of our marine or inland national parks.

Save our Maui Dolphins. There are only 55 left in the world.


Sign the petition here


Time to take the power back.



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