That crazy time of year

And here we go again.

The crazy, mad rush into the Yuletide season. Has a whole year since the last round of madness really gone past?


Yep, its back again. Retailers out to take our gold, offspring planning their lists, friends planning parties, work events and club yearly end of’s to attend galore!

Alas, this year, I am feeling more than a little grinchy.
Employment hassles, large bills, legal fee’s, taxes…it has all become a little much this year.

However at least I still have the unconditional love of a good woman, my yellow Ducati to ride, and a comfy, dry, warm home to live in.

I suppose I need to count the blessings and ignore the worries as best I can, but this year, it all seems a little bit too much to overcome with mere good cheer and Plum Pudding.

I could always go overboard partying I guess but that’s not going to secure the next role or help pay the bills.
Cynical? Sadly, I think I have earned my cynicism this year.

What floats your boat at Christmas, are you a Grinch, or a Reveler?Santa



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