Dear David.

Dear David

I have been a follower and I think I also can say I have been a stalwart believer in you as leader since you took the role.
However I think you fell victim somewhat of too many on the fly policies that did not count to many of the voting public.

The trucks cannot use the fast lane for example. That was nuts.
Apologising for being a man was also a disaster in this country of all countries.

I admire your CGT plan, the efforts to address the minimum wage and your passion for the people. The tax structures were sound and would have bought housing prices into line but, convince the players that know they ride the only free investment market there is, driving up house prices so the equity they have buys more houses for yet further hydraulic price rises.

But labour has lost its connection to the working class man, shown in the party vote result. I am afraid the apathy the public have to your leadership shows.

Let a new bloodline rebuild and reconnect Labour to the newer generations. I have to say you fought hard, you won the debates, but Key is just too ingrained in the current voters culture, and the one million who did not bother voting, well, what can we say.

I hope Grant and Chris step up to this plate, take the bat, and start smashing home runs. New blood, new team, and new energy and I believe those two are the answer.

Wishing you all the best, but asking you as a loyal supporter for months on end, to stand aside for the betterment of your party.

Kindest regards,


Aka StoneY
Motorcycle Activist
Ex Labour party member.


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