Parliament – A return to Our Place.

In New Zealand we have a social insurance system called ACC.
Aussies call it ‘workers compo’ and in other countries most systems work on private insurance and a litigation system loaded with ambulance chasing lawyers.

ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) is a no fault, no blame system that all citizens pay into (used to be equally).
It has been proven to hold a value to our economy in reduction of litigation and social costs surrounding medical and income support post injury of over 20 Billion in savings annually. FACT!
Motor vehicles are levied as well to cover road accident, medical and income loss so its expected that certain vehicles pay more, others pay less.

In 2009 I helped to organize a massive protest to Parliament.
I MC’d the event, sorted all the speakers to cover a 2 hour protest, and arranged most of the details’ with TPTB to make it happen.
I wasn’t alone, over 100 other people helped, especially our marshaling team in Wellington.
Over 6000 bikes, and 9000 souls, with not one incident, accident, or arrest.

Green Party Support in 2009

BRONZ has decided to return to Parliament on September 1st to protest the exclusion of motorcycles in the forthcoming levy reduction that is targeting the wealthy.
They base this on more modern cars with higher technology safety features are going to lower injuries… what… the… fuck?

Press release from BRONZ (slow link please allow to open)

A vehicle is only as safe as the operator.
All the toys in new cars these days are also on Motorcycles as well (stability control, traction control, ABS…) we can even buy air bag vests!
I personally wear about 2.5 to 4 grand in kit when I ride. So do most of my friends.
We already pay through the nose to ride, get levied heavily on each motorcycle we have (instead of the rider) and now they refuse to offer us any discount at all while all other private vehicles face a reduction.
Utter discrimination.

ACC covers pedestrians and cyclists from the motor vehicle fund, yet there is no dedicated levy on them, and cyclists cost the same or more in pay-outs every year.
Before the lycra brigade tear me one hollering they pay on their PAYE and on their car…SO DO I! I pay on my earnings levy, our car, and between Kelly and I two motorcycles of the higher levy rate! So don’t yell at me that you pay on other services because I do as well.
I am being triple dipped, so this is NOT an attack on you guys, its statement of fact, please ensure you take it such, thank you. (I also have a bicycle you know!)

My Bike

My biggest beef with all this is the creation of MSAC and the way it’s been mis-managed.
Back in 09 we made a lot of people notice us, and one of the things that happened was a portion of our levy was ‘ringfenced’ to be spent on our own safety council made up of Bikers, to spend on safety initiatives created by Bikers.
It has become a joke. I know, I was one of the founding councillors.
I was a believer, until I saw wastage of the funding like nothing I could imagine after the steering group period in which we wrote the ground rules.
I clashed with the chair over the ‘secrecy’ of the inner workings and also the fact they were missing the mission completely. Its motorcyclists money and they should know whats happening to it.
He bitched to the minister of ACC (Nick Smith) and I was sacked.
Way to go Gareth Morgan, you then left when the going got tough and required some real work, and started a campaign to kill domestic cats! What a guy!

The shit I saw money wasted on while still on the inside was incredible.
The Green Line Project; the people who came up with the idea costed it at 15k, (I know I was there when they tabled the proposal) however MSAC tossed 30k at them seeing ‘low hanging fruit, bikers will love this’….. check it out on their website.
It has been, and still is, an EPIC fail.
An OIA request 2 years ago shows 16 texts received (TEXT DUNG) and from memory about 4 warnings and not one prosecution of stock trucks spilling wet effluent on the roads…not one.
30k burned on a public bonfire of (literally) bullshit.

Nick Smith, Minster ACC 2009 Protest

How many bikers do you know who give a shit about what colour attracts a male or female to view a website? 20k spent on branding and web development (at least) and creating a stupid logo to re-brand MSAC to MOTO NZ.
A week ago I looked at the website to see the updates and holy shit it has re-branded AGAIN back to MSAC …. With the same politically correct colours and logo design. How much was wasted on that?

Web Wasteland

At the Coro Loop Event, they had top shelf catering, expensive seafood, masses of high paid catering staff, most bikers I know are happy with a sausage roll….and 6 bikers appeared on the day…6!!!! At That evening in Thames, myself and one other councillor elected to walk from the restaurant we had dinner at back to our motel…as our driver…had imbibed too much yet still intended to operate the rental car…. Even worse he was an ex cop….as well as an ACC employee.

My friends in BRONZ while I was still on the committee as VP sent in several ideas to improve the Rimutaka Hill Road where the barriers have been re-designed to accommodate the higher centre of gravity of newer vehicles (read SUV’s) and we asked them to test fit under runners as used in Victoria Australia.

Barrier modification for ARMCO
We ran into a stone wall of bureaucracy, quoted standards and laws and just utterly refused to see common sense that these modifications could be done during the current (at the time barrier ‘upgrade’) very cheaply and was a perfect example of what MSAC was created to do, save lives, reduce injury, by any and ALL means possible.

It’s YOUR money, OUR money, but great ideas are being ignored for stupid studies on hi viz vests, and intersection dangers… Intersections studies are a core responsibility of the NZTA, and one of the conditions in the creation of the MSAC was it did not spend money on other core government duties or services…yet it is happening.

The new chair when questioned by organisations such as BRONZ replies with single sentence template emails saying ‘see our website for updates’ ….. that website is a ghost town, no information on it has changed except the logo and council name in 18 months.
It’s a fuckin joke.
This council, from which I was expelled for engaging directly with the motorcycling public via forums and social media, is simply spinning its wheels delivering jack shit for the money, paying people to attend meetings with no outcomes.

So if you value your rights as a motorist, motorcyclist, and citizen, show your discontent by writing to the minister of ACC (Crusher Collins) and demand a refund of your safety levy due to incompetence and breach of good faith by ACC in the miss-management of the MSAC.
Show up at Parliament to back the protest by BRONZ on September 1st.

But even better, it’s an election year, on September 20, vote these Tory elitist pricks in Parliament out, take the power back.

This post in my BLOG is MY personal opinion, I do not speak for BRONZ in any way manner or form, I am just a member, and I am a passionate advocate of Motorcyclists Rights.
This is my own story, make of it what you will.



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