The soft glow of bullshit

It has finally happened. A previously respected government road authority that seemed to be sane, pro biker and full of GOOD ideas, has caved to the myth of the Hi Viz Vest!

What really scares me is it has happened not only so close to home, but in the state that our government here in New Zealand largely follows in regards to Motorcycle safety initiatives.

Victoria has fallen afoul of faith and opinion over science and fact.
It is now a law that all learner riders in Victoria Australia, MUST wear a Hi-Viz vest over their bike gear.

Read it and weep

Well holy shit… where is the science to PROVE vests and hi viz works? I will tell you where…. In some tards imagination based on a gut feeling he has that it MUST work, so therefore it is his holy duty to save us bikers from ourselves.

This is a pic taken of me on a ACC safety photo shoot, note the white stripes on my leather jacket are far more visible than the vest.


My MACNA jacket has silver reflective markings that will shine bright as hell at night. Not to mention, who can’t see a bright yellow Ducati like mine?


While on MOTO NZ I saw raw data from scientifically researched studies by HELLA that positioning lights, especially HID LED’s were the MOST effective system available to motorcycles as a visibility aid, yet still the myth of the hi viz vest prevails in common circles.

I step down from all activity for BRONZ this month at our AGM, but this is one issue I will be willing to fight tooth, claw, and nail over. Especially as the current leadership of what was once a true voice for the riders in New Zealand will likely embrace this initiative because it fits the direction of ‘appease the man’ and ‘work from the inside’ that has pervaded the group.

Nuff said.
Those who ride will decide on the day I guess, whether by donning a vest, or getting the balls to finally say FUCK YOU to the government and rallying as never before to show our defiance of this rubbish should it reach our fair shores of Aotearoa.

Opinions welcome, please feel free to comment and share.



12 Replies to “The soft glow of bullshit”

    1. Oath mate, step to far is this… Another trip to Wellington? .. only maybe this time the momentum will not be lost…

  1. I’m a member of 2 MC, none of our members wear Hi Viz, and the NZMCC own data proves lights are the answer not Hi Viz!

  2. No frickin way am I wearing a high vis vest. Let me put some decent lights on my bike and maybe the cagers might actually see me.

  3. I have a bright blue LED on the front of my 07 blade and I have a ton of people saying “shit that light is bright”. Screw the fluro vests, you need something that emits light not reflects it!

  4. if they haven’t seen the bike and the light then they won’t see the viz until its farking plastered across their windscreen, tards!!
    I have had riding instructors tell me they wear a viz because it is PC and company policy but in reality they don’t do anything, drivers see the bike and light before any thing else.

  5. Motonz better not try this crap and if anyone does then there better be a protest like no one has seen before.I just wish the fuck that people would stop telling me how to live my life. I have ridden bikes now for 45 fuckin years without a Hi Viz vest and I am still alive

  6. If the retards in cars and trucks carnt see a light on a bike then whose bright idea says they wiil see these only ever worn these when directing poker runs ,stood at intersection to let bikes through and still had some blind retard in car try and run me over .they dont work ,crist even pigs ops cops hold lights when they whete these if you own one throw it away cause they dont work

  7. It is exactly the same ignorance, with a dose of arrogance, that attacks us on all sides – the ‘googling bureaucrat / consultant’, impacting on most, if not all, areas of our daily lives!

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