Life in the Lane Split chapter 2

Well, life’s been pretty interesting so far this year.

Every week I dream up a great blog, and it’s gone from my head by the time I sit at the computer, must be the stress of living in the modern world….
But not this time… I internalised a mantra ‘must write blog…must write blog…’ and here it is.

Brief update on recent personal events; after sitting on the market for nearly 6 months the RF finally sold (see ya Roxy, gonna miss you girl, great bike!) but as my good mate Bruce bought her for his daily ride from Otaki, I know she is in good hands and a good home.
Got new wet weather winter jacket, a MACNA GEO 2 and wow its an awesome piece of kit, which just got its first rain test, passed with flying colours!
We went on a dice run with the Brotherhood last weekend, great event, had a blast.


So anyway the lane split; the whole purpose of my blog entry today.

Big bike, loads of space
Plenty of rooom

It’s exciting times around the world for us bikers and recognition of our contribution to congestion relief. New South Wales in Australia have announced there will be legal lane filtering in their fair state.

Announcement on the new  laws for NSW

We already know its legal on some motorway systems in the UK, and California allow the practise if traffic is moving slower than 35mph on a freeway.
I have always been a lane splitter, and last year got a senior policeman to come talk to BRONZ about the legalities of the practice. There was some discussion on interpretation of the overtaking laws, but the final legal say on this was it is illegal in New Zealand, but ‘tolerated’ by MOST officers as long as practised safely.

Motorcycle blog entry on the topic

It is my opinion we are safer between the doors of two cages than being between the bumpers of the cage in front and the people mover full of screaming kiddies behind… and I think it is time for us bikers here in New Zealand to start hard lobbying to get a change of laws for motorway congestion, traffic jams, and allow some common sense to prevail.

I will be asking BRONZ to look into this as new business after our AGM (I stand down as VP to become just a  member , I have other projects to focus on this year)


Studies have proven we allow for a smoother traffic flow by riding through the ghost lane in the middle, and with proper attitude and management of the information and change of laws, everyone wins.
There is a campaign in Australia to make it legal nationwide, I am watching it with keen interest, especially as one state has come onboard with the practise and even produced a privately sponsored video clip by Maurice Blackburn law firm on why it should be legalized.

Imagine this city without lane splitting...
Thai riders lane split en masse

A video clip here of WHY it makes sense and WHY its safer

Why it works
Please share this blog if you care about getting the laws here in New Zealand changed to allow lane splitting on certain heavily congested city entry and egress routes.
It benefits all and once made legal, the cagers will be more aware of our presence and we will have the fickle and ineffective shield of the legal right to practise this method of relieving traffic congestion.
I must say Hutt Road (SH2) into Wellington is currently pretty clued up with the bikers, most people know we are there and even give us room where possible.

That’s it in a nutshell folks.




3 Replies to “Life in the Lane Split chapter 2”

  1. I have mixed feelings about lane splitting. It has evolved over time from thinking it is insane and dangerous. Now that I have read a lot about the subject I now believe it to be OK… if everyone does it correctly… That includes bikers and drivers. If not the biker is the one who suffers. Here is my original post with updates.

    I think everyone (bikers and drivers) needs to be educated on lane splitting before laws come into effect…

    Ride safe y’all…

    1. Thanks Tex. Bet its a challenge on your bike with the sheer size… my Ducati slips through the gap nicely. You are dead right on education bro, the key to the success of this will be 99% education, on both sides of the divide.

      1. The only place I have experienced lane splitting is in California but I haven’t ever ridden the bike there…yet. I think you are right about lane splitting on the Wing. It would be a challenge and for that reason I probably would avoid doing it.

        My original concern about lane splitting was lack of education and observing bikers and drivers behaving badly. I really do believe there should be ads on TV on how it should be done and that everyone needs to be courteous. Now days it seems everyone has a me first attitude…

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