A geriatric return to the Dojo floor.

Just when you think you have nothing new to blog about, something epic comes along. And that epic event was today, an activity so far out of my norm (for the last almost 20 years anyway).

Today I went to support (and participate as a punch bag) in a Kyokushinkai Karate Shodan grading, (Black Belt grading to those who are not into it).
It’s been years since I wore a Dogi, and man it showed, I am so unfit, so overweight, shocking!


A part of me is lambasting myself for not passing my 4th Kyu grade after all the years of effort I put in, after all I used to be a devoted Karateka and cant for the life of me see why my passion flagged. Peoples life activities and focuses change I guess, but I enjoyed Karate so much, why did I not at least finish the course to Shodan? Shameful.
Maybe it is time to return? I am not too old after all, at a sprightly 44 years old.

So as the grading started, we did the classic warm-up exercises I have known for over 25 years, and then was relieved to find we were only doing sets of 10 for basic’s. Oh my god I am unfit.

Then we get to see the poor candidates go through 3 hours of rigorous Kata’s, moving sparring, self-defense demo, endurance and fitness tests, then the grand event, the Kumite!

I got to fight twice and I have bruises!  Te candidates, Mitch (17) and Lawrence (39) earned their belts in blood, sweat, but no tears. Osu!
The candidates showed heaps of spirit, they completed their 40 fights and then passed the Spirit Test to accomplish the rank of Shodan, 1st Black Belt.

Now I have an itch to return but can I really commit?
Will see if I am still so keen tomorrow 🙂



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