I’m sorry, Colin. Really sorry

My first ever Re-Blog.
NZ specific of course but O EM GEE, NAILED!

Imperator Fish

count3 I’m really very sorry if you take offence at what I’ve done here with your billboard. I don’t for a moment mean to suggest that the Conservatives are a bunch of muppets

Dear Colin

I’m sorry. Very sorry. I’m really sorry about all the terrible, nasty things I’m planning to say about you over the next several months.

Please accept my unreserved apologies for the mockery and insults I intend to direct towards you in a short while.

I know you’re just a simple man with a simple plan, and you just want people to know the truth about the things you stand for. It must be hard to be taken seriously when, as soon as you open your mouth, people like me start thinking “Chemtrails! Moon landings!”

So I’m sorry about that. I’m also sorry for wondering why you seem to like talking so much about the sex lives…

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A geriatric return to the Dojo floor.

Just when you think you have nothing new to blog about, something epic comes along. And that epic event was today, an activity so far out of my norm (for the last almost 20 years anyway). Today I went to support (and participate as a punch bag) in a Kyokushinkai Karate Shodan grading, (Black Belt …