Changing of the guard.

It’s been a great couple of weeks.  But there is a huge change coming to our ‘fleet’…. Roxy is up for sale.

New rubber on rear
New shoes, yay.
Tyre job
On lift being fitted








There has been some self-discovery and a massive breakthrough on gelling with my new Ducati the ST4s we called Bonnie.
We are now officially fully in tune with each other and it is a partnership of the highest order.

I applied the principles of setting up my suspension as demonstrated by Dave Moss at a workshop I went to with the RF, and it has really made a huge difference.
Then we  got new tyres on her to, Bridgestone Battlaxe BT023’s. WOW!
I feel the road now; I can actually gauge the traction variations in corners, far superior to the pieces of cheap soulless rubber attached when I got her. The tyres after the suspension changes making such a huge difference was astounding to me. I used to swear by the Diablo’s this bike had when I got her…. but not now. No sir

oh so clean!
very very shiny
All buffed up





And the RF has come back from my mate Mike’s place in fantastic condition; he is a panel beater and finishing painter extraordinaire.
All buffed, exhaust acid bathed, the alloys all gleaming, the fairing buffed to a dangerous level of shine!  She is fully ready for sale now depending on negotiation with buyers as to how much they will pay for the bike and the custom plate.
Sorry to see Roxy go but the Ducati has won me back over, and I can’t justify owning two bikes anymore. And when I get on Roxy the high peg positions cramp my aging legs.

So anyway, another two charity rides down, the Toy Run and the BRONZ SPCA ride (supporting the puppies, yay!)
Christmas is looming, silly season on the roads… SO…. to all my biker and non-biker friends, be safe, eat heaps, drink lots, and have a most excellent holiday season.

See you again in the New Year, signing out for 2013…


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