Guild Wars 2, a revisit.

Time to review GW2 again now that I have had it a while, about 15 months.

Gaurd tower
On lookout duty







With such games as MMORPG it takes months, even years to get fully immersed and have your characters and builds sorted. This has been proven to be so with GW2, I have even had to resort to having youngsters from one of our guilds teach me about ‘synergy’ and ‘combo’s’ hahahaha.

Now GW2 is showing its promise, and it is a promise of much, much more to come!
The glitches I moaned about in my first review are long settled with the trading post operating properly, and a strong buoyant game economy active in which it is easy enough to make the gold needed to progress with a little focused effort.
The game has also shown a complexity beyond my expectations, with the crafting disciplines, title structure, and a recent change to how luck works making it more and more fun to continue playing…

However despite the ‘living story’ adding new content every month, I still find it eventually became a grind, with the impulse to repeat dungeons or high return area’s to ‘farm’ still lingering over from the GW1 era. And there is always the ‘start a new character to play it through all over again’ grind to reach Level 80 on a new profession you may want to try.

Pretty game
Just chilling

I do like the gems system where you can use game gold to trade for gems, use the gems for account expansion. If I really need something from the trading company in a hurry (game boost or slot expansion wise) I can buy gems with my visa at a rate I do not find overly offensive, after all free server access for the life of the account means I pay no subscription fees. 12$ every 3rd months or so harms no budgets here.
For those who cannot or will not pay real money for these expansions, there is a way to earn it from game play (albeit grindy grind all over again to earn the gold levels needed to trade…)

Don’t get me wrong, I have the hours logged to know the game now, and it has exceeded my expectations totally.
My initial concern over the limited skill sets available has been overcome as I have come to understand the interaction and combo finisher synergies.
Also the guild interactivity is of a high level, always something to do and people to do it with. And you can be in multiple guilds so if ones inactive that day, go and play with the other one.

The Meta Events have been interesting, and have evolved as well with some Champion group events becoming easier for the smaller groups to achieve, and some of the dragons getting too hard to beat even with a train of 200 players going at them!

PVP and WVW (Player vs Player, and World vs World) are not really something Kelly and I are big on, but for those who like player vs player online combat in this sort of genre, GW2 surpasses any other game I personally have played in this area.
But as I am more a PvE (player vs environment) type, I will leave others to talk about PvP/WvW

I am not going to get into massive details on this review, just a quick blurb to say, OK I like it, I am keeping it, and will enjoy following the evolution and continuing expansion of this colourful, social and ever evolving role playing game.


Blazing pistols fighting back to back with the missus.

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