And onward to Middle Earth!


We are packing for the South Island trip right now.
Heading out to the 8.15am sailing tomorrow morning for Picton, and head south at a leisurely pace to Kaikoura where we hook up with Kellys ‘bestie’ from years back in Melbourne.

We have our mate Andy passing through on his way home too and then we will catch up with him again on Saturday at the race track, then crash at his pad.

I am so looking forward to this adventure, been way too long between Ducati’s and decent rides far and away from home.
I want to see unexpected vistas, mountains, rolling hills, rocky coasts, and distant horizons of beauty and wonder emerging from every bend.

That, my friends, is riding a motorcycle in the South Island of New Zealand which is motorcycling heaven.
And we go tomorrow on Bonnie, our bright yellow Ducati with a freshly fitted sheepskin seat cover.

Well, very short entry today, but I am keeping a live picture diary of the trip here on my Facebook page.

Hope you enjoy the next 3 days as much as we do, Kelly and I are looking forward to your company.



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