I always seem to write about a past event, or recent events, or stuff that’s happened.Why?
I have a great imagination (or so I think anyway) and usually have plans in mind for things that are on the calendar.
Not to mention the usual impulsive ‘lets go here, do this, play that, or get drunk’ moments that follow the flow of our lifestyle, I mean, heck we are bikers so we are naturally impulsive!

Having just browsed about 20 blogs and added 5 new follow links to my reader, something another blog mentioned piqued my interest and immediately triggered a need to write about planned and non planned events in the near future.

Lets start with planned.

Our Club, Sunday Social Riders, accept all and any for who they are as long as they ride.

One of the Motorcycle Clubs we belong to (to be honest THE club we belong to) has weekend barbeques at members houses throughout the Daylight Savings time period of spring/summer so there is a serious number of weekends with a planned event  to attend if we wish to and no offense taken by the host member if we are unable to make it.
All good, loads of great times with our dearest and closest friends. Respect SSR! F**K YEAH!

There is this Saturday Night when we attend the HOSCARS at Upper Hutt college to see what filHOSCARS crpdm awards Mr 17 has won with his efforts directing, starring, and writing in the schools senior media studies group.
At the viewing night I was stunned with the quality of the cinematography these kids pulled off, all mini Peter Jackson’s at heart.

Bronz RallyThe following weekend we have the BRONZ Biker Rally at Kaitoke Campgrounds, only 15 kms from home but a great camp out, party, feast and band fest with our fellow bikers, as well as a fundraiser for BRONZ
This being the 4th anniversary of the organizations resurgence into the political scene we hope to see some increase in numbers. After all where else gives you indoor parking, bunked cabins, and allows you to raise hell all night (as long as we clean up behind us) with 2 great rock and punk bands playing to bikers in the middle of a bunch of bikes!
Not many, if any…. (thanks Scribe perfect quote!)

Then, the weekend after THAT, we have taken off the Friday so we can catch the 8.15 sailing to the South Island and head to Christchurch for a 3 day adventure.
Kelly will catch up with her bestie from Australia on the Saturday, and we are spending our Friday and Saturday nights with Andy ( aka AJ, aka Santa, aka a good bastard) and a few other Cantabs we know while in town , (we hope).

So now I am thinking, as I write, that’s already a hectic schedule. What have I missed. Something….. ummmmm…

Ah, Fiona’s party on the 16th, damn we have the same birthday on the 17th as I recall. There is a club barbie on the 16th as well, and we will be pretty travel worn and stretched by then.

Now we reach the un-planned!

As much as I love knowing there is some fun coming along on x day at x hour, my inner child, still curious and eternally naive, kicks me out of the house in search of a spontaneous adventure.

I love just saying to my girl on the spur of the moment ‘lets go for a ride’, or ‘pub????!!!!’ or ‘drop in at BnK’s on way home (Byron and Kim’ we are the other BnK, Brent n Kelly)
BnK are also in BRONZ and SSR, and we go way back. So the spontaneous stuff, unplanned, is also going to pop up over this time period.
At some point there will be a ‘Lets jump the hill’ or a ‘Lets head up the coats to Mike n Cath’s or Bruce and Di’s’ just because we can.

I may Facebook or text a mate to see if they’re out riding and wanna jump the hill or hit the Gladstone Inn, or just take off solo!

That’s what makes life so much fun for us, things are always happening and still we find new adventures or friends and acquaintances to throw into the mix just to keep us from stagnating.

So if my first attempt at anticipatory blogging about the future still reads like a journal entry, well shit I did my best, thanks for your time have a great day and feel free to leave me your advice. 🙂

After all I am just a bogan biker who loves to drink beer, talk shit with his mates, pop the odd wheelie when there is no cops about and make the most of living in Godzone with the toys to enjoy it on.
Might be time for an off road bike methinks…… (if I ever get over the penance for the Yellow Ducati that is….)



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