The defining moments.

Those ‘oh’ moments. Image

We have so many moments that define our lives. For some it’s a singular unparalleled moment in time. For others there are many.

For me the moments have been many and various. I feel fortunate to have had so many such moments that have helped define my reason for existence, my feeling of self, of who I am.

I have a friend who had the one moment, the one epic event that defines his entire existence. It was when he became a Dad. He grew up without a Dad, and when his son was born it was such an emotional event that it is his moment. Nothing else he ever achieved in his life compares to being a Dad.For him that was the moment that defined his entire life.

I know that one, I experienced it 20 years ago and I cried for an hour when the he was born, (after a 3 day labour and emergency c-section) and it was like a floodgate inside me opened up and I sobbed for an hour solid. And yet I was not sad, and I was not in pain. It was definitely one of life’s moments.
Was it the one to define my entire life?
No not for me, I have many moments; I do not have any one event that defines me as an entity. But it sure was a big hitter as far as moments go, and I experienced that particular hit twice more! And the moment was no less intense each time it was repeated.

So, here we get to the ‘Biker Moment’.
I asked Kelly this morning as she headed off to work (I telecommute today, testing some remote connection stuff from home) ‘Baby, have you had that ‘moment’ yet?
She looked a bit puzzled and replied ‘what moment?’.
‘The “Biker Moment” babe, did it hit you this weekend?’
She is a very intuitive woman my girl. She got what I meant and so stopped what she was doing and thought about it for a few seconds.
She said, ‘no I haven’t yet, but I don’t think it’s too far away now.’
That’s my girl. Her confidence is soaring on the bike and her mentors have even taken the time to email me on her progress, telling me how proud of her I should be (and I am!)
I rode down to Lower Hutt with her on Saturday, and had trouble keeping up….

For me the ‘Biker Moment’ was a few years back, when I swung my leg over a 1992 GSX600F, a bike I bought off trade me to ‘get back in the game’ on.
The kids were all well into their teens, I now had the income to cover a bike as well as a car for the family needs, and so here I was one day after my plaster cast was off my wrist, rolling out onto SH3 in the Taranaki   and steering southwards to head home.
This was the first bike I had owned since I was 22 when my GSX1100 become a little Japanese car to carry the baby seats around in. Something inside me was starting to glow warm, real nice, cosy, ‘everything is right with the world now’ kind of glow.

As I accelerated past a few slow cages and settled in for the 200 + km journey home, I felt a massive grin  start to form, a grin so wide that even the cold rain already seeping into my insufficient wet weather pants and down the neck of the fleece lined leather jacket could not discourage it as it stretched unused facial muscles in a way they had not been in a long time
My life had taken an instant turn for the better when I swung that leg over and slipped the clutch for the first time. Something precious, mystical and self-completing that I had missed and longed for over the years had returned to my world.
It was like the sky was brighter and the sun was warmer… although both were hidden behind 20,000 feet of heavy wet cumulonimbus that was dropping its guts on me. I know many people who read this will smile and nod.

I was (as I had always been in my soul) a biker once again.
What was your moment?



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