Pink Ribbon

Changing weather.


Kelly’s off for a ride with her instructors the Two Bald Bikers training team. These two chaps escort and mentor people who need confidence building. They have passed IAMs certification (means they are advanced riders) and both of them are natural teachers with lots of experience as trainers.
Having two trained mentors means they escort the student rider with a leader and a rear guard escort meaning full and total observational feedback is available to the student. Great stuff!

But the weather is changing, we had awesome blue sky and no cloud before, now it’s cloudy and blustery. How changing weather can effect a day. Kelly loves riding but is a little wary of the wind.
She has steeled herself to the fact it’s cloudy and cooler and windier than it was when we got home, she is geared up and ready to go.
And they just arrived. Have fun honey. Enjoy the training session.

I can’t teach Kelly. I get too frustrated. I have ridden motorcycles for over 30 years, 28 with a full license. I do shit I don’t even know I do but can I explain it to her? Can I translate the years of experience and habits (good and bad) into words and share it with her?
No I can’t, I get frustrated and tell her ‘just ride the effing thing’ when she is asking me real questions, wanting real advice, that I cannot give. She wants to know how far out from a corner to brake, I say ‘when it feels right’ but she wants x meters…. I know what it feels like not the metrics.
She has real question, on things she knows I have the ability to do, handle or manage on the bike as she has seen me do these things while my pillion. Things she knows I can do instinctively so she asks me in good faith. But can I tell her how I do it? No I cannot.
I just can’t translate the actions I do on the bike into words for someone else. It is reflex, the habit of years and I don’t know how to articulate it into words for someone else. I just end up saying in a peeved tone, ‘just ride the fucking thing’…. Not productive or supportive at all really.

We went on the pink ribbon ride this morning with 200 other bikes and had a blast.
Caught up with heaps of friends and people we do not see as often as we would like to see them.
Harleys, Ducati’s, Triumphs and all the other brands there is still the understanding, we ride, and we share that one common passion.
The biker community is very secular in this way, lots of friends of friends who know your other friends because we all have one common passion, bikes.
Whatever the bike, you are a rider, that’s it. Then again some people are rather particular in riding with only their like, but still will appreciate the fact you also ride whatever it is you ride, Except scooters or Honda’s but that’s another blog entry…..

Awesome time at the Sandbar pub, then home via a catch up with a mate I had not seen in 21 years.
Time being as it is we had to bail on Dave early to get home so Kelly could get ready for her riding lesson.
So she is out riding now with the Two Bald Bikers and I am watching the car race of the year.
I settled in to watch the Bathurst 1000 V8 super touring car race from Australia. I love that race never miss it, however today commitments to the biker world meant I missed the first 50 laps. Just saw Murph hit the wall at the top of the mountain…….. not good.

Anyway the weather is still up and down outside, and I find myself reminiscing on the day’s events, having ridden with hundreds of other bikers in the name of a good cause (Pink Ribbon, breast cancer awareness) had a great time at the pub with our fellow bikers, home to the year’s no.1 motorsport event and Kelly getting out on her 650 for a training session.

I have to say, today was a GREAT day to be above ground, despite the changing weather.



2 Replies to “Pink Ribbon”

  1. Kelly is in very good hands. I was at the auckland pink ribbon ride today with a lot of friends – and friends of friends. Like you say, we all share one passion (but personally I think hondas are ok). A good day to be above ground indeed.

    1. Thanks Philip.
      The Honda comment was designed to encourage debate on same sex marriage but I can understand your neutral stance 😉
      Yes she is in good hands, far better than I can provide in this particular specialist space that’s for sure.
      The only bonus here is I am smart enough to know this ….

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