The Lane Split Factor


The lane split and politics.

Life at times is much like lane splitting. As can be NZ politics if you look at it pragmatically.

Are you in the left lane, or the right lane? Or on the centre line? Or just off the centre line on the left, or on the right?
Or, like me, you might wander across the centre line and may ride just either side of the divide, with the odd wide swing all the way to the far edge of the lane.

I compare this morning’s motorcycle ride into the office with my own political philosophies.

Coming under the Petone bridge I was just left of the centre line lane splitting between a BMW in the right lane, and a Ford Escort on my left.
The Escort gave me heaps of room, hugging the left edge of his lane, while the BMW owner hugged the centre line, leaving me no space at all in ‘his space’ on the road. Fair enough it’s not like lane splitting is legal, but it symbolised to me the average attitude of the right vs left, where the left will gladly share some of the wealth, and the right want it all for themselves.

Like the way I lane split, my personal politics wander to either side.
I consider myself a stock standard middle class smack on the centre Kiwi. Saying that I have never ever voted for the National party or any of their  affiliate parties.
Does this mean I am a leftie? I suppose I am more of a leftie in my views than many, but at the same time I can appreciate some of the reality checks the right sends from time to time.

I approve of some of the welfare reforms imposed for example, if I think they have been applied a little too zealously.
Solo mums IMO should be willing to return to work once the youngest is 10 years old IMO. But it’s just an opinion. All recipients of the unemployment benefit (and yes I have been on it myself and more than once) should be willing to be available for any work they are suitable and fit for.
Sickness benefit recipients should be assessed by more than one doctor, only fair, prove you are truly unfit for work and not just hooked on your meds….. (that one’s my idea). So there is a bit of a swerve all the way over to the middle of the right lane, in the one gap those dark blue BMW 5 series tanks leave for me.

From time to time a car in one lane will move without indicating and without looking, and you have to swerve way over to the other side of the lane to avoid being knocked off.
That one for me politically was the way the Labour party mimicked the tactic applied by National in 2007/08 with a ‘new blood’ leader, picked on desperate need for popularity.
I am not a fan of Mr Shearer, sorry my Labour friends who love the guy, I see an empty suit.
It pushed me so far left I was in the breakdown lane and started considering voting for the Greens!!! (I may not like the guy but no way will I vote National).

The fact my mate (and once pillion passenger on the Rimutaka Hill) Chris Hipkins is our local, hard working MP. Chris is a machine, and I am happy to keep him as our representative in sunny Upper Hutt.

Anyway, while I was avoiding BMW’s and sharing the tarmac with Fords and Holdens this morning in the lane split, hopping from left to right across the cats eye’s the comparisons between life in the lane split, and the political world struck me as a great reason to write in my blog today.

Now don’t start me on the recycling truck, I swear Peter Dunne was at the wheel of that thing the way it was jumping lane to lane, I even saw it try a u-turn at the interchange I swear I did!!!!



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