A long weekend




It’s been a while, haven’t blogged in ages.

So here is what’s been happening in my world for those of you who care.

I have a new job.
I am now a Pre Sales Technical Consultant for a global Print, Imaging and Solutions provider, and loving it.
It has meant a fair bit of travel between Wellington and Auckland, and Australia so far but hey, it’s an exiting new career move!

Onto the big weekend.

I had just been to Melbourne on a work related training course for a week, and that lead to a pretty full on weekend for me and Kelly.

Flying back into Wellington at 11:30pm, I had cleared customs and gathered my bags by midnight. My gorgeous fiancé picked me up at the airport then we drove through the night (with a few nana naps and rest stops) direct to Auckland so we could go to the Black Sabbath concert on the Saturday night.
Originally it was meant to be a bike ride, but the weather was atrocious, rain from Pararaumu to Pukekohe, both ways! What shit weather that weekend provided.

A nice stop at the hot pools near Tirau to warm our tired bones, and on to our accommodation and a catch up with fellow Fat Biker, Mark Cassidy and his family

Staying with friends in South Auckland, we left our car at their pad and were dropped right at the concert venue (thanks heaps for the lift Gillian, you rock girl)!

The concert was utterly amazing, Ozzy was in fine form, Tony never missed a beat, and Geezer was superb.
The new drummer (as I understand it he was Ozzies last solo world tour drummer) was incredible and had an amazing resemblance to the stereotypical image of Jesus Christ (add some awesome heavy metal tattoo’s) and a massive ten minute solo mid concert reminiscent of John Bonham in his prime and ….. just…. wow!
It was Kelly’s first heavy metal concert and who better to see but the band that created the whole genre, and 40 years later are still awesome.

Left the Arena with the usual dazed and confused cotton wool filled ears of post concert bliss, with a dry throat, mildly sore neck, and feeling pretty damn happy to have caught the first act of the Australasian leg of the bands tour.

Shihad (the opening act) were a tad disappointing, but probably because we are not that familiar with their early music which they chose to play for this aging crowd of graying rockers. I only really know the stuff they did in the 2000’s to be fair to them, and Selwyn Toogood the front man was amped to be opening for Black Sabbath, told the crowd it was a childhood dream come true to be playing on the same stage as his idols.

We spent the night after the concert on a bus full of black tee shirt uniformed bogans making our way back to Manurewa to my mate Marks place where we proceeded to consume a months supply of duty free bourbon till 6am (much to the surprise of his teenage daughter when she got up for work the Sunday morning to find us oldies still going!)

A quick visit to West Auckland to catch up with some of our mates from the Fat Bikers MC and it was back to Wellington in the longest drive I have had to manage in years (due to fatigue more than distance) with lots of rest stops and a serious enough investment in Wild Bean café coffee stops to have earned shares in the company (thanks Hayley for the gift card it came in real useful).

Arriving home at 5am on the Monday, utterly thankful I had booked the day as leave, it was straight to bed (after scaring the crap out of young mr 16 (who thought we might be unwanted visitors) and back into the swing of things for the rest of Anzac week (just happens that prestigious day was the Thursday this year) so a nice short, sharp work week to recover from the debaucheries of the weekend.

More work travel pending, followed by a mini bike rally near Hawera to have a Pig on a Spit with the SSR team. Likely that will result in my next entry to my blog…. Watch this space




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