Lost in the land of Tyria, GW2 personal review.

Not my warrior, just an image off Google Images but gives you a taste of GW2

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a passionate online gamer.
In fact that’s where my nickname StoneY came from. Online gaming, and it followed me into all my following digital worlds like Kiwbiker.

Today I am having a rant about the newest version of GW2, a game I have waited almost 5 years for the final development and release.

A little history.
From Medal of Honor, and Combat Flight Simulations, to Guild Wars, I have logged many, many hours of online battle, questing, dungeon clearing and combat flight time!
I have saved Paris from Nazi conspirators, liberated the Middle east (by western standards anyway) protected London during the Blitz, Wasted Zero’s and Val’s in the Great Marianna’s Turkey Shoot,and rewritten history many, MANY times in my online gaming career! Oh i love the digital universe….

Combat Flight Simulator was the first (and still one of my fondest) online experiences, followed by CFS2 (The Pacific) then I fell into FPS (First Person Shooters) with Medal of Honor, COD, BF2, followed by Strategy games, then eventually MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) with Guild wars chosen over World of Warcraft for dedicated PvP combat zones and free server access.

Funnily enough, online gaming led me from working as a Truck Driver and sometimes House Painter to a career in IT, as I needed to upgrade my PC’s to play the next generation of games… and just fell into the world of IT!
From qualifying as a technician, to passing my ITIL exams and taking on Management roles, it has been an interesting journey, all spawned from online gaming!
So when I deliver my beloved her cooked breakfasts in bed every weekend morning, it is my way of buying some server time on the domestic agenda 🙂
(Love you baby, sunny side up or poached on Saturday? xxx)

Onto my rant (review?)

This post is about the new version of guild Wars, not just an expansion pack but a whole new game, with a whole new look, new combat system, and a new way of managing server access across multiple worlds!

I must say there is a lot of new stuff to absorb, but my first impression has been disappointment.
The chat system is crap, the trading posts we are meant to be able to use are offline, and to add insult to injury my guild kicked me out for reasons unknown (I suspect I spammed chat channel by accident)
In all honesty, other than the introduction of firearms and military engineering technology, I am finding it to be a hard game to gel with.

It is very much like WoW now, except it has been true to the original GW legacy by keeping PvP (Person vs Person) confined to dedicated arena’s which keeps more experienced higher ranked players from preying on newer players in the ‘world’ maps.
After waiting 4 years for this game it is a bit of a let down in many ways, but I must admit that I am probably expecting too much.

GW1 captured me full on from the moment I first logged on.  A mate of mine had moved to Greece and we chose it as a game we could remain playing on together over poor international bandwidth. It caught me from the first minute.
It was graphically very beautiful with the most stunning environment, the detail on the characters armor and weapons was second to none, even my WoW dedicated friends who loved to rag on my Guild wars preference would sulkily admit that GW was a far prettier game to look at with the most amazing environmental landscapes and vista’s. There was a robust tutorial period in which all aspects were explained enough to get you going. In fact in the Factions expansion the tutorial was way over the top, and universally hated but you LEARNED how to play!

GW2 has yet to impress on these factors. No real tutorial, just flashes of ‘help text’ that are gone before you get a chance to read them.
The graphics look less smooth, less detailed, and more like the cartoon look of WoW.
Although to be fair on the graphics, I am playing it on a very high specked laptop (Core i7, GT540m graphics, 4G RAM, SSD HD, and it plays Skyrim on full settings at 80 FPS so come on….) however until I log in from my main gaming rig I should be a bit more tolerant of the graphics…

The new combat system is more dynamic, with jumping, weapon switching hotkey, and is not so much a point and click with autotracking… probably will be a better system once I am used to it, but in a busy instance it is super easy to lose track of targets.

I think once I get a good guild tolerant of ‘noobs’ and stupid questions, the experience may well improve.

Forming a party has been another bone of contention, this new version as yet has not presented me with anything I cannot do solo, and finding someone to party with is extremely difficult (so far at least) but again, 3 days into the pre release early start, I may be jumping the start gun here, probably best to redress many of my concerns in say a month? Maybe 2 months?
Finding a few like minded souls who like to play the way I do may not be as easy in GW2 as it was with GW1 but i will persevere, I am not a quitter.

But right now, this game has yet to impress me, or catch my imagination the way GW1 did. I hope this changes, and maybe a better guild and more time to explore the new functionality such as Armorsmithing and such will help…..



2 Replies to “Lost in the land of Tyria, GW2 personal review.”

  1. Honestly, the biggest thing that pisses me off about GW2 was the fact that us, as a hardcore fan base who have sunk in thousands upon thousands of hours into the game, never got a chance to “try” the new game in beta without pre-ordering. I’m certainly not going to pre-order something that they willingly documented as radically different game-play. We were told by in-game developers that we would get the chance to play in beta, and that never happened. Instead, they chose the route of greed, and ONLY allowed people that pre-ordered, or offered access to journalists (some who never even played the original).

    The community on a game forum that I frequent have made remarks that GW1 was only played by a tight group of players in the long term, and that GW2 is a better game. That is purely opinion…however, the ONLY people that were even asking for a GW2 in the first place were those tight group of long-term players.

    What made Guild Wars special was it’s game-play and control. It’s a different game to WoW by design. GW2, now having so many similar aspects to WoW essentially makes GW2 not a Guild Wars game at all. It’s a generic MMO with the GW name stamped on it. It’s probably a great game for those people that actually like WoW, but it’s not WoW players that were asking for it in the first place, so the developers’ need to replicate it is unfounded.

    1. 2 Months in…. found a GREAT guild, very helpful folk. Tweaked graphics, adjusted to the combat system and having a LOT more fun (especially as the marketplace is now functional)
      Overall, still doubt it will ever replace GW1 in my heart but it is growing on me.

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