Welcome to Stoneysworld

Roxy, my bike.
My new/old ride. Replaced the Ducati with this machine for practicality.

Ok so here we go, my first blog on WordPress.

For those of you who know me, welcome to my new blogspace.
For those who don’t, well  hi, I’m Brent Hutchison, I am very pleased to meet you and I hope you don’t find my waffling on about motorcycling to boring.

This first blog entry is just a ramble about my changes to our fleet, and an anticipatory essay of the weekend ahead. A bit of an introduction to my wandering writing style.

I used to blog a lot on Kiwibiker but got tired of the culture there, too many trolls and idiots with high opinions and no motivation to do anything about it except harangue others for the efforts they make to change the way our lifestyle is perceived by Joe Public.

So, here I am a new forum, a new ride, and a weekend away on the horizon.

My beloved and I have not had a weekend away together on a bike in over 14 months. Shocking! In fact thats almost criminally inhuman torture for the two of us.
Career loads, finances, mechanical downtime for the bikes, all played into a universal master plan to keep us home bound for well over a year. This is not cool, and I am out to rectify the situation this Saturday.

The kids are farmed out, hotels booked (with private spa pool to soak the days miles away) and the savings budget has been brutally abused so we can have some time with our faces in the wind, and Kelly’s dulcet voice singing along to her Ipod harmonizing with the bikes throaty 4 cylinder howl as we traverse the lower North Island highways and byways.

So a bit of history in regards this weekends ride… which is actually the ‘shakedown’ ride for our newest member of the family, Roxy the RF900.

A week and a half ago I traded my beloved Ducati ST4 in on this RF900 (pic at top of page) for a few reasons.
Reason one – Maintenance bill.
Reason 2 – Devaluation of the ST4 range due to decreasing popularity (great bikes juts so expensive to maintain) made it a ‘cut my losses NOW’ situation.
Reason 3 – I have been working to downsize my ‘fleet’ for about a year now, and we are almost there with only Casper the GSX250 yet to sell/trade on something more useful (like cash).
Reason 4 – The maintenance bill!!!!!!

The Super Duke went 8 months ago. The GSXR1100 went the other week.
Trading the Ducati in was the last financial anchor dealt with, and now I am the proud owner of an immaculate 97 RF900R, (and I am still coming to terms with having only one bike! The 250 is Kelly’s)
My beloved has long been awaiting the day we traded the Italian Money Pit in, but she got a little miffed that I decided on the RF without her attendance on the test ride. So to make it up to her I have moved heaven and hell to get a weekend away so my two girls can get to know each other, (and we are seriously long overdue some time together).

The plan is simple. Leave as early as we can possibly arrange on Saturday, and head up boring old SH1 to Sanson, snack break at Bulls, and off to Wangavegas to visit some relatives and some close friends. Boring ride so far for sure, but easy roads and easy riding to get the feel of our new ride.
To get some real road work in after the formalities, I am hoping to leave Wanga’s via the Parapara’s and cut through National Park, then wander our way back to Palmerston North for the night at the Bentleys Motorlodge, a favorite overnighter of ours due to the luxurious spa pool units they have (trust me fellow bikers makes Palmerston north worth stopping for).

Sunday will be a languorous breakfast, possibly a pre-ride soak in the spa, and off over to the Wairarapa to wander our way home via our usual, familiar western and southern Wairarapa roads we traversed so many times on our treasured (and sorely missed despite the costs) Ducati.
Lunch at the Gladstone Inn is virtually compulsory and hopefully there is still enough time before the kids are returned to get in a quick coffee at Lake Ferry hotel as well…. we shall see.

The ST4 was an amazing touring bike, she had legs for Africa (was seriously too high geared for NZ roads but I loved that lazy twin feeling of long leg torque) and heading back to a 4 cylinder Japanese bike as our main ride has been a bit more of a system shock than I expected.
So far, all reports from the back seat (Mr 16 and Mz 12[going on 32]) are encouraging, stating a level of comfort previously unobtainable on any of my other bikes to date.

Lets just hope my beloved agrees…. I would hate to have to return the gorgeous Roxy if there is any personality or other clashes between my Mistress and my Fiance…. after all its the first bike I have ever owned with Ohlins suspension!

Stay shiny side up out there.



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