A digital holiday

I quit Facebook. Had a massive fight online with a 'friend' of 30 odd years, we did Karate together. We disagreed, over (of all things) US Gun Control Politics. I posted a support comment for the youth marching on Washington. He dove into my post ranting about fake news, loss of rights, who will they …


Is it finally time?

For a change. Held to ransom by Winston Peters. Who will he go with? Scary times. StoneY

A very UN-FAIR go.

I should have learned back in 2011 never to trust a journo. Back when I was active in political lobbying for Motorcycle issues we received word that the Wellington City Council was going to do away with the 600 free motorcycle parks in our fair city, the capital of New Zealand and expect Motorcyclists to …

The Wairau Moment

Every bike has a Wairau moment. It’s just recognizing its past is what matters We have had Valerie the VFR for a few weeks now. Had the few final wrinkles settled in getting to know her, last few parts arrived to finish her off and now she’s truly a part of the family. All bikes …

A wild ride

The last few months have been testing for me. My girls been a rock, man I wouldn't know where I would be without her. Got the itch to change direction, paid for a training course, bet my future on a roll of the dice...and 3 weeks in went 'bah not me' Bad..bad StoneY Anyway, got …

2016, random musings

Where has this year gone so quickly? So, update on my world. Ducati's rooted, sent it to a workshop that was recommended to me, as I needed some work done on it 'urgently'....67 days later got it back with more issues than it went in with! Suffice to say this is going to the disputes …

Basic human rights and Christmas Island

The best analysis of this fiasco I have yet to read


Two things about the recent event in which John Key claimed the Labour Party supports rapists and murderers because they question him about the breach of human rights on Christmas Island in Australia:

1) Key was out of line and deceptive to claim Labour supports rapists and murderers, as they obviously don’t have that intention.
2) He was right in saying that there are murders, rapists and child molesters. They are there, that’s a fact. And being inclusive of human rights means allowing theirs also.

This is necessary. If we allow any person under the supervision of a progressive country who believes, broadly, in human rights, then abandoning that for whatever reason, mostly political or for cost-effectiveness, reflects more on the society than the individual. I have the instinctive “lock them up and throw away the key” mentality when I hear about people committing rape or molesting a child…

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Get in behind

I am doing Movember this month. To support men's health (eg scrotie cancer and specifically male health issues of the kind) and have joined the company team. I have decided to take a slefie a day to record this so here are the openers. Get in behind and get checked guys. My Mospace StoneY